World Mental Health Day 2015

World Mental Health Day 2015

“What goes up must come down.” An Isaac Newton quote hijack to mark World Mental Health Day. The reverse is also true!

The Fine Line Project team have been very busy – too busy perhaps – managing their other lives… and this site has been neglected but not forgotten. In the absence of a more extensive post for such an important day, we are publishing some images and just a few words.

Emma Boden cannet stairway 2015-09-08 15.48.25_wmA staircase to illustrate Isaac Newton’s quote and more specifically progress in mental health and mental health awareness. On a personal level, one step at a time is how we can all manage even if it must sometimes be one step forwards and two steps back. Up and down the stairs. Taking the step is what counts.

There are also the small steps in building mental health awareness, understanding and a compassionate approach that we can all strive for. Reach out and talk about mental health today and every day, help to resolve the stigma associated with mental health, because mental health affects us all. There should be no separation between mental and physical health; they go hand in hand.

Whether you’re talking about your own issues or touching base with someone else, you don’t have to be an expert to be involved in the conversation. Take someone else by the hand – if needs be the communication can be silent.

Let’s all take this small step every day. Let’s take it together.

Photography: © Emma Boden / The Fine Line Project 2015